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Heat pumps are fast-becoming a preferred technology in Britain rather than using National Grid gas and electricity, which will continue to surge in price annually. There are two kinds of heat pump readily available for household and business installations; air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps. Air source pumps are hands down the more common of the two and create environmentally friendly heat by removing warmth from the air, even at temperatures as low as -15 degree Celsius. Therefore they are in operation throughout the year, assisting to slash costly heating payments. From spring 2014 you'll also have the opportunity to earn with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which will pay for each unit of heat generated.
Liverpool is one of the key cities in England and it is on the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary. It provides a population of 445,000 and it's made well-known for many reasons; such as the two Premier League football teams Liverpool and Everton, and its renowned port. Addititionally there is an increasing popularity in the city’s universities. Liverpool has benefitted from urbanisation and development recently and homes range from traditional to modern.
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